A Prayer For My Future Husband

I absolutely love this!


“Wild applause!” Annie-Laurie Wheat

Annie-Laurie Wheat is one of the most loved theater professors at Winthrop University. With her bubbly enthusiasm and fun classes, no wonder she is the favorited amongst the student body. I got the chance to sit down with her for a project in one of my mass communication classes. When I first told her about the project and how I wanted to do a profile on her, she immediately answered “Yes! Of course! I would love to!”

Winthrop students, if you haven’t taken a class from Annie-Laurie I suggest you do it ASAP! Her classes are amazing. I don’t mind rolling out of bed on a Friday to go to her class 😉

xox, C


This weekend I had the amazing opportunity to go home to Pawleys Island, South Carolina. With mom’s home cooked food, warm doggie cuddles and wonderful coffee dates with my best friend, I say the weekend was a huge success. I haven’t been home since Christmas break and the getaway was much needed. I’ve somehow managed to avoid the homesickness this semester because I’ve stayed super busy, but now that I’m back at school for a few days, I will be missing my own queen sized bed and real food.

I got to see my best friend since 6th grade, Katherine. Yes she and I have the same name and yes we are best friends. A lot of people ask if we are sisters. When people do that, I just think to myself ‘Come on, if we were sisters then why would are parents name us the same?’ because who in the world would do that? Common sense people.

I needed a Katherine fix and seeing her made me so happy! Best friends tend to do that. They have this wonderful gift of making you forget about the real world for awhile and bring out the best in you. I’ve known this girl for 9 years (wow it’s been that long) and I can honestly say this girl brings out the best in me. We are truly sisters. We’ve been through so much together and I know we will be best friends for the rest of our lives. Yes we have our fights, but she and I both know that we love each other too much to stay mad at one another.

On top of that, I got to see my other best friend; my mother. It’s crazy to think that when I was in high school, my mom and I had a completely different relationship. Now that I’m in college, I’ve realized that my mom was right all along and that she is truly my best friend and she will always be my BFF. So mom, if you’re reading this, I can’t wait to see you again in just a few short days! Love you.

xox, C