Happy hump day!

I’ve seemed to become one of those people who sit in Starbucks and blog while searching Pinterest and drinking coffee. I’ve been here so much lately that the baristas know my name and my drink order. Some people may call that a problem but I see it as an accomplishment! “Catherine – Grande White Mocha.”
I’m going to go broke before the end of the semester and it’s not even March yet. #CollegeProbs

As I’m sitting here, I’m also in the process of designing an entirely new layout… I think you all will like it! It’s very me. This will take awhile so be patient : )

Also, smile because it’s Wednesday! You’re halfway done with the week and you have two more days of school work and then the weekend! So pour a cup of coffee and slap on a smile. Getting through the week is a heavy task, but you can do it!



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